Portsmouth: O.M.F.G.

Living in Portsmouth, Hampshire

I’m from a bad estate in a big city and I thought I’d seen it all. Then, one day, I went to Portsmouth. OMFG. Never before in all my years, walking through a city centre in daylight, had I felt intimidated. (Let’s just repeat that fact; it was Saturday afternoon. It was NOT midnight. It […]

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Portsmouth – One Big Council Estate

Living in Portsmouth

I was reading through this website and I quite enjoy bitching about where i live so i thought “result” when I discovered an entire website designated to it… I go to university in Portsmouth and I have to say, I never seen more *****. I live in a town called Wickford in Essex and if […]

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Portsmouth and the tale of the pissy burgers

Living in Portsmouth

Burger king, Portsmouth cuisine at its best… maybe…read on, for dear reader, I have a (highly amusing) story to tell. Many years ago Burger King on Commercial rd was THE **** hang out.   My cousin (a **** herself) used to work there.  I once popped in to say hello and the horror was beyond description. […]

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