North Devon: Fawlty Towers meets Filthy Rich and Cat Flap

Living in North Devon

North Devon, the land of hospitality and great scenery. well at least the scenery and coastline pass muster. Living here is like living a 1970s sitcom, and to be blunt it’s just as cheesy. Why, how? – really glad you asked – let us begin… Hospitality? Picture Fawlty Towers, if you will, and throw in […]

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Ilfracombe in North Devon – OMFG!

Living in Ilfracombe, Devon

Ilfracombe really does have excellent coastal scenery, the sea, and coastal walks. At the mo’ we’re house-sitting for family in Ilfracombe, aka Ilfrascum or Ilfradoom, so welcome to Poverty-on-Sea and another knackered resort reminiscent of that Viz cartoon: “Skegness – It’s f***** ****”. Never believe the brochures, but it’s not all bad. Blinding sunsets and […]

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North Devon – Grockle Hell

North Devon - Grockle Hell

Grockles; good for North Devon business but terribly bad for the digestion and the nerves. October never comes soon enough. First, the boring stuff: North Devon, England, is mainly rural seaside, with its district council sitting (or lounging about) in Barnstaple. North Devon District towns and villages include Westward Ho!, Braunton, Combe Martin, Ilfracombe, Instow, […]

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Ilfracombe: Tips for the Terminally Clueless

Living in Ilfracombe, Devon

Here for the very first time in public are the mysterious Big Six tips, those elusive six golden rules for the terminally clueless. Tried and tested in Ilfracombe since 1975, or something. You’ll have to keep this quiet because it’s a secret. What is?… Ilfracombe that’s what…Where’s that? – North Devon, you silly. “It’s a […]

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