Braunton posh!? I don’t think so!

Living in Braunton, Devon

Braunton at first glance, would appear to be the nicest, friendliest village in Devon.

However, after living here I can tell you it’s all bullshit!

The middle class parents that own their own houses don’t seem to care about the entitled little ***** they’ve brought into this world, while letting them out all night to either **** a homeless guy or sell drugs in ilfracombe to the ‘Ilfrascum’.

How grim is your Postcode?

It’s funny to note that Braunton residents turn their noses down at the towns and villages that surround it, when in fact many of the dealers and thieves actually reside in Braunton.

**** may be a word common with underclass youth, but I really think it can be used when it comes to middle class spoilt ***** that enjoy surfing and drinking wine while snorting coke. And to wind down, a nice poor person hunt, which usually ends with them beating some poor hobo on the tarka trail.

As for bigotry, they will declare their love of the E.U and it’s open door policy. Yet call police if a black man or Pakistani is seen passing through.