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Shaftesbury, a “sleepy” town that lies on the dorset/wilts boarder, and is home to 5000 or so people. To the east of the A350 that runs through the town is the sprawling housing estates that are home to the ****’s n chavets.

Unfortunately for the ***** of Shaftesbury, the town is rather small n so there is not a lot for them to do but harris the rather aged population or burn it up in there rusting Nova’s in Tesco’s carpark whilst clad in burberry.
The hang out for there’s young men ann women from Shaftesbury’s “hood”, are as follows:

1.Tesco’s carpark between the hours of 7pm-1am

2. Somerfield’s [scumerfield] car park between the same hours

3. Outside and in the small burger king 24/7 either waiting to go to work or pick up of be picked up by there mate, girlfriend, parent or fellow tribe member.

There night time habits, are as follows, once getting pissed on large amounts of white lightening they proceed to load up into various **** mobiles and ”cruise” around town, whilst being driven by a senior ****, of 25 yrs generally, with 4 or 5 geezers in the back seats and his 15 or 16 year old g/f in the passenger seat, she’s expecting there 3rd child in a few months. once they have had a few turn around the high street,

[Passage has been removed after a legal threat from St Mary’s School, an independent Roman Catholic day and boarding school for girls in Shaftesbury, Dorset]

, and thus our tribesmen and women [and unborn children] will retreat back to Burger king for a ‘gd meal’, using the buy one get one free vouchers, now watered and fed will retire to their various nets for the night, ready to begin the cycle again tomorrow.

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