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you think your towns are bad try living in chavsby otherwise known as cod head town and grimsby we are so **** ******** you only see normal people when they are sleeping off the boozer …trust me i spent years in that town and has gotten worser..the typcial ******** a clown wears less make up and could the hair could it be anymore greased back it would look like its painted on i must say gotta love them huge a** earnings and the sovering rings on every finger and the way the clothes sit nice over there saggy ***** because they have never seen a gym teen mums walking with the babys around freshney place thinking that they have made something of there life (oh they spat out a kid now they can sit on the dole for 18 years) because they are wearing a pair of cheap nikes…dont get me started on ***** (the men sorry boys ) dont they think they are something :)these are so smart they would shag a dog if it had greasy hair and a pair of ugly huge earings in thinking its a ******** dont they just look cute with there hats ( that is stuck on there permently because of all the gell) and there saggy tackie bottoms with there cider gut sticking out over the top of there pants with the colourful t shirt to match there little buryberry caps (this is too sad)
standing around on the willows on the bridge the grange around the shops or on the park and down Cleethorpes sporting there sovering rings and drinking there £2:50 bottle of cider and smoking cigs they nicked off there mam because they spent there last fiver on a cheap spray painted gold chain out of argos 😀 swaering at anyone and anything that goes buy , god forbid that you look at them oh no now your in trouble you looked at them out come the mini baseball bats and the bottle of beer they are sharing gets turned around all because you glanced at them , these people are so inseacure with themselfs they are worse then a clingy jealous lover no wounder i started hating Cleethorpes in the summer they are everywere all stood around the peir 39 and shagging there underage ********* under it infesting the arcades and worse of all ewww they take off there shirts just so i can get a good look at that over bulging gut staring at me and skinny little arms as i try not to look when i walk past i dont think they know what a gym looks like …..

so if you want to be a **** here goes
1 get ya self some argos jerwelly
2 make sure all clothes are labled and sporty
3 by the time you are 18 make sure you have at least kicked 5 peoples heads in so you have something to talk to them about (cuz there converstaion consists of who has the biggest *** on there head )
4 get yourself a bottle of cider a cheap cig and work on that gut
5 last but no least start swaering get loud and treat others like ****

you wanna be a ******** this is a much easier job
1 same go for the argos jerwelly
2 speard your legs and get prego ( you wont need a comdom i mean herps can be cleard up ) and if your wounder were he had that rusty thing i wouldnt worry he most likely drinks so much he cant get it up:)
3 lets not forget to to let your fat *** sag am sure you can tie it to your earings and hope it holds for a couple more years

so do it the **** way and have no life and enjoy sitting on a bench somewere with labled clothes when your 50 and gold chains around your saggy necks …….

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