A settlement of villagers, overwhelmed from the late 1960 s on by diddycoys, ******, low level intelligence, working class no hopers, attracted to the area by low skilled building works to the new town centre, regional housing and steel works, these positions now superceded by unit factories and call centres, low budget, low wage **** central,with a huge population of dole / sickness benefit scamsters, never having contributed to society in their lives, the latest breed being totally devoid of education and intelligence with a know my rights but have no responsibilities attitude.

the general downturn in cwmbrans youth shows alarming increase, with hood **** infesting most areas, without doubt the most obnoxious set of halfwits to walk cwmbrans streets are the self styled PSG better known as the pantry shop gang, terrorising residents of fairhil fairwater for some time, these hooded **** now patrol the canal areas, fairwater, old cwmbran, coed-eva, st dials and pontnewydd, moving ever onwards and upwards, ( of the crime scale that is ) they have promoted themselves from petty graffitti and general abuse, to abh, gbh, arson , theft, mainly from vehicles and burglary,often ignoring asbos, these gutless *******, hang out in gangs a dozen strong, thus giving decent citizens, little chance of administering vigilante style punishment, these **** should be singled out and dealt with, the sooner the better, their attitude to any one other than a hood rat is appalling, the police treated with complete disdain, and children, the elderly and women not immune from their attacks, it only takes a good man to do nothing for evil to prosper, stand up and *********** your **** with pride.
1.will be gripping a white lighting or similar cheap worthless alcoholic product.
2.will have a *** in mouth, or strangely gripped in hand like someone with arthritis.
3.will certainly be wearing some ridiculous items of jewellery, similar to those found at markets or the 50p a go machines at fairgrounds, silvering of the gold appearance and green stains on the neck will identify your target.
4.daft caps, hooded tops,oversized tracksuits ( usually white to emphasise the dirt ) and cheap trainers are another give away.
5.congregations of these people are more apparent on tuesday mornings at the post office and tuesday evening outside spar as they spend their hard loafed benefits.
administering retribution to these creatures can seriously damage your health, we suggest up to date tetanus and hepatitus injections prior to approach, remember as with all ****, when cornered, hood **** can go for the throat , we suggest a good battering to the legs to diminish this possibilty and to ensure they can only crawl away to their rat holes.
the views expressed in this article are not neccessarily the views of the author, BUT THEY PROBABLY ******* ARE.

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Cwmbran is a **** dream land !!!!! it has jjb sports, a mcdonalds, kfc, pizza hot. There is more burberry down here than in the burberry factory which should be blown up. I swear McDonalds at night time, you need a bloody armoured car to get through the hords of them. Me and a sall group of friends were sittign down and 2 ***** come out of no where with a drawn on mastache haha started on us. His friends was embarrased becuase of him. They hang out everywhere, I saw to dickheads sniffing polish cans next to the train station. It just goes on and on and on……….

Top 50 worst places to live in England 2022 as voted for by you