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Oh my Oh my. . . . You really all have made such good points about all of your towns and the unfortunate **** **** that dwell in them. I must introduce you to the town of Corby. Corby is filled with Plastic Jocks. Corby HAD a thriving steel industry and WAS a very hard working place, Scottish people came down to WORK with the steel production. However Corby Steel had been shut for nearly 20 years. . . Instead of these people going back to where they came from they have spawned in Corby thus producing the ****! They are all teenage **** ******* round the likes of Mc Donalds, town centre, normal haunts! HOWEVER they can be seen most of all in Kettering, yes the town up the road making it llok like ****** capital -fcuk off back to your own **** pit!

Corby also bred the first generation **** – great game in Kettering on a weekend night – spot the corbyite! Been played for years, commonly now called spot the ****, I mean corbyite, I mean ****. . .

You can see first generation ***** TRYING to fight the Kettering central Doorstaff! ! ! Do your selves a favour guys, go home to your council **** areas to your underage wives/girlfriends/***** and millions of kids. . . .

How grim is your Postcode?

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