Fishguard and Goodwick

I cannot believe that nobody has mentioned the motherlode of all **** towns that are Fishguard and Goodwick. They are situated in a very beautiful place – right on the sea, lovely little fishing harbour in Lower Fishguard, ferry port to Ireland in Goodwick. There’s beaches, there’s walks and there is plenty of fresh air. […]

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For such a small place, there is a fairly large proportion of ***** ******* around, generally ******* around outside spar on Friday or Saturday. The older *****, end up going to the castle hotel then on to the quarry on most nights except Thursdays. The quarry is the chavist place in Lampeter, filled mostly with […]

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Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire

Ahh Carmarthen, where to begin? From the minute you enter this ****-haven your vision won’t be complete without the view of some Lambert-smoking ratboy and his either heavily pregnant or pram-pushing toothless mess of a girlfriend (or more commonly, fiancee – getting engaged in Carmarthen before 17 is a necessity for the more streetwise of […]

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Aberystwyth, a thriving student town, its friendly, attractive and also the biggest town around, you dont find it on any road signs or maps so its like a little secret kingdom away from the **** of modern life, it should be **** free… theory. But NO! During the winter you can gaurentee everyone you see […]

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Having come from Swansea (20 miles away from Llanelli) I am used to experiencing **** culture. But I must say this place breeds the most ****** up ***** I have ever come across !!!! FACT: 5 out of 10 males in Llanelli are ***** FACT: 8 out of 10 of these chvas are pumped up […]

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