Having come from Swansea (20 miles away from Llanelli) I am used to experiencing **** culture. But I must say this place breeds the most fucked up ***** I have ever come across !!!!

FACT: 5 out of 10 males in Llanelli are *****

FACT: 8 out of 10 of these chvas are pumped up on steriods

How grim is your Postcode?

FACT: These people are in-bread fuckwits !

……I came across one perticular **** whose head was the size of jacket potato, who had no neck, spoke like pingu and whose body was like that of WWF wrestler (many years of inter-family relationships, and steriod abuse !!)

They also posses the worst accent in the whole of the UK, which makes them appear to be inferior to your avereage **** (now that is something!!!)
They hang around in their droves, and are very rarely seen outside of gang of at least 15 other *****. They can be spotted buying jewlery from argos, fighting amonst themselves near a local spar, or in Swansea on most weekends, making life miserable the decent folk !!!

They often have hour-long conversations (of sort) about who they know and don’t know in and around this fucked up area. I not am certain but I’m guessing whoever knows the most gets crowned with the sacred burberry hat !!!

These people are growing in numbers and becoming increasingly repulsive.

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Vote for the worst place to live in England 2022