Haverfordwest, The town with the silent C.

Set in the tranquil shitpit of England’s arsehole, South West Wales, against the backdrop of concil houses, sewerage, and Icelands.

Chaverfordwest is nestled comfortably in the middle of a largely chav county of pembrokeshire. Once a much less chavtastic town, as they stayed infront of lidl, kwiksave, corner shops and knew they would get a damn good kicking if they came into the town centre to try and wreck our nights out, but no more.

I return from Uni and try for a night out, to find the entire town is now a Chav hotspot, it is no longer safe to go out for a night out in Chaverfordwest, or even in daytime without 4 or 5 other people.

I barely spend time in this town anymore, even the simplest task like visiting the local tesco is interrupted, eg last night.

Is there something so bad about visiting Tesco to get a couple of things, apparrently so, My girlfriend was repeatedly viciously elbowed in the stomach by the infamous “Getcha lil brother ta do i’ cuz they kant ‘it ‘im”.

The town does have a sense of Irony, the main area of chav residence is concil houses in an area name “The Courts”

These are the most organised Chavs i have ever seen, they actively seek non chavs to either convert or beat, it is worse then any of the living dead films, in the short term time of one year of uni, nearly all non chavs have packed up and left.

Please join in the struggle to officially rename the town Chaverfordwest, (As all signs to it from a 15 mile radius read), and have the entire damn town and all it’s residence destroyed to stop the epidemic.

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