Llanelli, It’s my greatest shame that I was born, raised & live here

Living in Llanelli

It is my greatest shame that I was born, raised and indeed still live in this town.

The ***** here account for about 80% of the male population, i’m sorry but the previous poster was a bit too generous, obviously he kept his distance while living in the town. Having grown up suffering these idiots, I’m all too aware how much they outnumber the real people.

******** are indeed very popular here, keep in mind that the only thing there is to do in Llanelli is drink and work out occasionally combined with heavy ******* use.  And of course smoke very poor quality local pot. (most dealers still peddling £10 deals and such rather than weights. Ugh.) Much like the rest of wales we’ve got sod all to do, and any kind of interest outside watching football or drinking will instantly brand you as gay.

How grim is your Postcode?

The unfortunate truth is a big proportion of girls over 16 are a single mum, or if she has managed to snag her **** bloke then they’ve got the wonder and comfort of a counsel drug-den to raise the next generation of dole **** in, with an ever declining level of social standards.

In short, Llanelli is, and probably always will be a **** dominated town, unless of course we can arrange some kind of mass cull. Feel free to post here if you would like to take part in such an action. As im sure if theres enough of us we’ll be able to round them up by staging a phoney 50 cent concert or something. And don’t worry about the legality of mass murder, they shall not be missed!

You only have to go to the club scene (1 small club, a dozen pubs and a handful of bars.) on a Saturday, to see that nothing i’ve said here is an exaggeration.

Well that’s it. Be happy you live where you do. (unless its Brickston.)