Haverfordwest -pembrokeshire

Aah how old Harford never changes!

And still i go back to there!

How quaint to see the children of the 1980s ***** take the place of their parents in the Castle Square. They shout and spit at each other and drop their rubbish around them.Girls with greasy hair scraped back into a scrunchy and  Blue metalic eyeshadow and black liquid liner glisten in the heady aroma of lynx  from their spotty,shaven headed boyfriend who dons a grubby white zip up top.Lovely!
its nice to see them welcoming visitors with their smiley happy go lucky nature- adding a certain charm to the place.
I particulary like the way squitty eyed youths screech up in their cars and just stare at these young fillys as they are not blessed with the power of speech.Never mind we move to the Pint Pot and the Castle where the ***** sit clutching their breezers and start staring at potential glassing victims.
There seems to be more and more of these parasitic morons who seem to be unable to contribute anything to society.
I cringe when i go abroad -these ****** people are so embarrasing. Johnny foreigner must laugh there heads off when they see Gemma and Sharon waddling into their Tavernas.Phil

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