YOB Vil….Otherwse Known as Yeovil

Hi, I am a Sixteen Year old girl who works in a local Chinese which is located in the middle of Yeovil. I have Just left Westfield school and am now dreading having to attend The yeovil college….OH god!! I am dreading this for the following reasons…
****’s are now officially allowed to chain smoke on the premises…which i am sure i will be hearing about constantly… “Oi you….Got any **** love” ( when a ******** calls you Love it is often comforting, opposed to being pinned up and spat at in the face with the *** hag screaming “let’s have some ******* Faaaaaaaaaaags”
On one occasion i told the tight haired pregnant bimbo that i didn’t have any **** and that i didn’t smoke, only to be accused of being a liar and a tight *****….Now i ask anyone….”how is it possible to get out of such a situation”

As for working in the chinese on all three weekend days…I see ALL types of ****’s reigning from 13 year olds to 90 year olds. But while most of the articles are aimed at young *****, i will be sharing with you, the antient old *****.

Only the other day a tall haired man with gold medalians loooking about 102, stumbled past at about 8 o clock, eventually made his way in and took a seat….. after about an hour i had to ask him to leave after he’d drifted off asleep several times, only to be hurled abuse at with words that i couldn’t even understand, occasionally i heard the word **** and the word Taxi… but with my chinese Boss…not likely to be able to understand what the hell was going on…Just called the police.
Many other OLD ***** order a meal and ask the question “how long will that be?” with the answer being about 5 minutes..due to the pre cooked meals.
This question is completely pointless as they tell me they’re just poopping down the road for a pint, but return an hour later with their troll looking girlfriend reeking of alcahol and ****. But somehow they seem to think i find it amusing after working in the same ******** for two years and repeatedly being lied to and made to feel like a complete idiot.

How grim is your Postcode?

On another occasion a long grey haired man entered with an off colour…i think it was supposed to be white but looked Brown…. STINKING of B.O….If that wasn’t bad enough….He ordered a meal worth about Thirteen Pounds, and then revealed a smelly bag….and to my worst night mare actually counted out the whole lot, In 1ps and 2ps…..This method of paying left me staring in complete disbelief, holding my breath due to the man breathing a fishy smell whilst counting, and lifting up his arm to unleash the most God awful smell. After that horendous ordeal he then went on to crack a lighthearted joke that he needed to pay his electricity bill with that….
Instead of laughing…i almost fainted…

Other occasions seem to revolve around Friday night Gig goers who STILL think it’s funny to moon at my window, and still think it’s funny when they have to come in and ask for some water because their friend is on the beach paraletic.

Last night…being a friday i smiled at a girl that used to go to my school *ultimate ********…Furry boots…short belt/skirt and **** almost falling out* only to recieve a look in disgust and a comment “what the **** is she smiling at”

I find it extremely ironic in this town as I am a reasonably Happy child that even though living in the toilet of england puts on a happy face and get’s on with life, but only get’s hurled abuse at by a scabby ***** that has had more men and may i add diseases than nothing in this world that i could compare her to.
the way i see it….I am normal and friendly but only get’s abuse…she has nothing going for her but seems to get about a million people every day licking her ***.

So I will previal and live through this complete nightmare of a town.
But you will understand that the ***** in this town have No Reason to change their way of living as they can do whatever they want whenever they want as their parents have obviously given up… They can eat pretty much for free by bending over a counter showing the pervy kebab men a bit of cleevage.
There’s no need to get a job because they live off benefits and don’t really need money as they recieve free Clothes, Free (if you can call it underwear) free shoes, free hair accesories, All from their fave shop Primark….YAY LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE **** SHOP #1!!! about 100 years of outright theft and STILL have no means of alarms of security devices.

Please help me and get me out of this complete deadend town!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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