worksop home of the c**v

East MidlandsNottinghamshire
Worksop is a small town between Nottingham and sheffield, what it lacks in size it makes up for in chavdom.  Everywhere you look there is either a 13 year old slappa whos either six months pregant or walking along pushing the pram of her new born baby draped in gold, with massive gold earings, thick gold necalaces with big gold clownes or rag dolls attached to them, or chaved up lads with there hoodies hats on the back of the head or slightly to the side with thick gold chains round there necks which they either purchased from cash converters,argos or had one made out of melted gold that theyve been collecting from what theyve pinched over last ten years.  If you walk into any pub in worksop you are bound to be met by the glare or a c**v or a chavet, because thats another thing they all think they are hard as nails, but in all honesty they are big fish in a little pond or so they think. For example if they went to one of there nearby cities they wouldnt even be little fish in a big pond they would be pond s**m.  All the c***s and chavets likle to congregate in the local nightclub at weekends which is called the ikon, where they either cause a massive riot or end up getting with one another. The chavets at make least sure they take home one of the c***s everytime they go out and they rarely use controception so you can imagine the deseases which are going about.If one of the c***s dosent get lucky that night there next favourite pass time is getting into a group of there mates follow some poor unsuspecting decent bloke whos just been out for a nice quiet drink and when theres no one about jump on him and beat the living daylights out of him, they will never atack any one unless there in groups of at least 4 because not one of them can throw a punch and they are also gutless.

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