Wonderful Worsley

Greater ManchesterNorth West

Worsley is a village near Manchester where you can expect to pay between £500,000 and £1,000,000 for a house (I couldn’t afford to live there, incidentally). However, there is a slow infection of C***s happening there. Yobo’s hang around “The Green” where Russell Watson used to live, so that houses at that particular location are relatively cheap now. But the worst infection is of rich C***s and this is typified by the some of the parents you find bringing their kids to the local private school. (I wont name the school because the teachers are great and they do a good job). You find that some of the parents wear real Burberry but they cannot hide their low life manners. Strangely they are sort of snobbish and you try and start a conversation with them and they either grunt at you or just plain ignore you. I like to think that their kids will get a good cultural as well as intellectual education and perhaps turn away from their parents’ horrible values. However, guess which kids are disruptive in the class? You’ve got it – the C**v kids. So, even though we pay 5K per year for our child to get away from the disrupted state system we lose the good teacher- to -child ratio because they are playing the social worker role for these kids who have not learned from their C**v parents how to behave properly.

We went to the School’s Harvest Festival presentation one year where the kids proudly presented the poems and songs they had tried hard to learn for weeks before. The Headmistress asked that parents did not take photos or wave to the kids as they would get distracted from what they were doing. Immediately the performance starts the C***s start clicking away with their latest technology cameras and waving to the kids.What amazed me however, was a group of C**v parents who talked and laughed through the whole performance . It was typical low life behaviour with its disregard of anyone else’s wishes or feelings.

What has topped it all off for me, regarding the infection of the school by C***s, was an incident outside the school last week. A neighbouring state school came to seek revenge on one of the pupils at the private school. I wont say what the incident was about because I dont want to sully the school’s reputation anymore. But I dont need to tell you, do I, what particular social phenonema was behind the incident.

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