Wolverhampton, init…

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If you ever plan to (and I suggest you don’t) visit Wolverhampton, don’t ever go to Costcutter or Bradmore Chippy…they all “hang” there and do their “cool” things. These things may include anything, such as smoking, spitting, staring stupidly into the sky… I guess the town center would be the place where they mainly visit. Wolverhampton is the type of place where you walk with your head down, especially if your alternative to the common folk, just so no ***** accuse you of looking at them funny or so they don’t notice you and ask you for 20p so they can get the bus home as they only have 30p. I’m sure it would take them longer to calculate that then it took me. The worse place for money-begger-***** is the bus station. The leave for town in the morning and take all their money…but hey! Look, they spent it all so they have to go bully some little kids or moshers into giving them their money. And yes, if you walk away they will follow if you look like an easy target. Don’t even get me started on McDonalds…I wouldn’t go in there if you paid me. That is probably one of the main reasons why ***** go to town…to check out the hot boyz n galz 😉 and also to fill the place up and make it chavfull. You can’t escape it…they’re even outside there for gods sake. I shall leave you now to ponder the chavness of Wolverhampton…have fun fellow normal people 🙂 x Cassie x

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