Wolverhampton Brap!

West MidlandsWest Midlands
One day I decided to catch the 512 bus into town. In this decision I made the mistake of sitting on the top deck, since two Chav’s hopped on board – one of them an ugly pig faced Chavette. My immediate reaction when I saw them was: “Oh God”, whilst turning up the volume on my MP3, in preparation to block out any noise. The Chav happened to be gripping a Stella can at half eleven in the morning. Urgh. As the bus journey progressed, the Chavette was screeching abuse down her phone and then burst into a lewd encore of “brap!” Hearing this, the Chav decided to join in. So for the remaining duration of the bus journey they continuously yelled “Brap!” down the phone. Even my MP3 couldn’t drain them L

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