Woking, the bits you missed!

South EastSurrey

Hmm it can only be described as the ultimate breeding ground for the c**v like things! I sure biologists from around the world would have a field day discovering the different types of human sub life that are in that town! Surprising reading the other posts they missed the largest c**v centre of them all THE BIG CRAPPLE! Hmm and choas. My god it has to be said the biggest gathering of c**v’s from all around! I mean there at lesat 200 or so on a chaoas night (choas = cheap night club exploiting the thickness of c**v’s for money! Not a bad idea except for the c**v part!) Now from working in woking i can tell you about different types of sub s**m loving leech, giro f*****s that are there! One in particular we have named ubber skank! He is the pincale as we say in chavdom. He small a complete utter twat and then lowest form of sub life you could ever imagine. Heres an example, take a time when you will be walking along and accidently trip in some dog s***e. You stop, pul you foot up and in a sorta way look at the utter total disgust as the weird way the s**t has seem to of infested your lovely shoe. Basically thats what this guy is. Now i am not one to agree with Hitler and his extreme policy’s on complusory sterilsation. But in this case i will let it go, these ppl should be eradicated from the face of the planet as far as i am concered. But the real question that bugs me, is how the f**k did this all start? I mean it happening in all over the uk recking the lives of the decent! I think in all honesty we should evacuate those who are free and un skankish etc into little safe place while we randoly all invite the skanks into one large area with a promise of free booze and track suit bottoms! Then nuke the f*****s to kingdom come! Its the only way to rid the planet of these bastards!

Anyway after that i glad now we can finally sum up all the parts of woking from the peacocks to the BIG CRAPPLE! Still nuke the f*****s!

!Please excuse the spelling!

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