Living in Woking, Surrey

Woking: good train links to London apart from that it’s a sh*thole

Avoid Woking, visit Guildford, Camberley or Farnham instead or else some pink haired chav might mug you.

Living in Hinchley Wood, Surrey

Hinchley Wood (Clarkson was right)

For the people actually living in Hinckley Wood under the age of 65, the word boring doesn't even begin to cut it.

Living in Staines

Staines, the town that died of shame

Staines is the ultimate crap town that makes Hull look like a class act.

Living in Godalming

Godalming – why?

Godalming is a fairly pretty town in Surrey, but it has more than its fair share of downsides.

Living in West Byfleet, Surrey

West Byfleet, a town dominated by rich middle class snobs

West byfleet residents only socialise with people from Pyrford... it's the only town that shares the same amount of middle class tory twats.