Wigan (Wiggin…..???)

Greater ManchesterNorth West

This is the place George Orwell warned us about. It is a cesspool of mutant youth clothed in Lacoste & Burberry with the quaint tradition of tucking manky trackie pants into equally manky socks making the scruffy Rockports seem incredibly oversized……just what is going on there. And what is it with pulling the baseball cap tight to fit on top of the head like a throwback to E17??? Wigan has a language all of its own and none of it particularly geared to being anything close to English…its a cross between Anglo-Saxon and the Clangers and if you discount the effin’ and jeffin’ then some people would be rendered mute! There are gangs of mutants roaming wild around the streets clutching their White Lightning and doing their utmost to ‘outchav’ each other in every way from who has the most acne to who has got the longest ASBO….oh yes folks, we have a Premier league football team, a Superleague rugby team and we sure as hell are in the top 6 Chavtastic towns, in fact I predict  a ‘Chavpions’ league spot this season for all the thieving, anti-social little scrotes have worked so hard!!!

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