whitefield **** town in the making?????

Greater ManchesterNorth West

Well what can be said about the wonderful place called Whitefield? Hmm …
Lets start with discussing the scroty little **** kids who hang around on the street corners drinking their white lightning. Since when has it been considered fashionable to wear fake trackie bottoms tucked into stripy socks with dirty trainers? and the ********* with their orange trowelled on make up faces and fake gold hoops which reach their shoulders so classy!
Down on the local council estates( I’ve nothing against them personally as I grew up on one myself) the 15 year old mums are making the most of the hot weather by keeping their 10 kids out running the streets and shouting abuse at anyone walking by till at least midnight. Thus ensuring they are contributing back to society by creating the next chaveration.
You could of course try out the local off license where you will asked several times and then threatened several times until you agree to buy the twenty strong gang of tough guys their beer.  If you ignore them then you are likely to have fifteen year old kids pushing you shouting abuse and then sitting outside your house for the rest of the night just to make sure you get the message.
My how I am glad to live in this wonderful town I would recommend it to each and everyone of you!!!!

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