South EastSurrey

this place is a f*****g dump, occupied by rich bitch chavs who aint got time for it unless its covered in labels or costs the earth. (e.g) i saw a kid the other day in £60 d&g jelly shoes, she was about 4 years old, now thats f*****g chav!!!!!!!!!

Home to famous faces like, Anne Robinson, Cliff Richard and jenson button alike, you may not think this is the biggest chav area around, however just round the corner lives the like of, Frank Lampard, John Terry and other football faces confirms there must be chav activity close.

Just two minutes away is Addlestone where there are new extremes of “chavness” the only difference being that the majority of clothing and accessories are knocked off, or outright stolen.

50 year olds in mini skirts and old men with “secretaries” the chav title belongs here, let the voting begin…

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2019