Weston – Super – Mare

Right, Where the hell do i start with Weston Super Mare?
***** and Weston go together like cheese and pickle or Bill and Ben! I truly believe, All the **** royalty live in weston!
To be a **** here you must, for the boys, own a hideous car fully kitted up. The car must have ‘banging tunes, innit’ blasting from the stereo and screetch on every corner. The car must also have blue flashing lights underneath it and of course, no **** car is complete without a 16 year old ‘******’ in the passenger seat, complete with white stilletoes, peroxide hair, gold hoopy earings and *** in mouth! (oh, the class of it!) for the ********* in weston though its got to be something special..
********* in weston push double buggys around, one kid white and one black. Kids must be dressed in ripped off designer gear and MUST have their poor little ears peirced. The ********* spend their days at Mcdonalds or the dole office whilst the ***** do a bit of cash in hand work which all goes on their ‘cars’.
Westons great hangout for the ***** is Mcdonalds drive thru. They all gather there at about 7pm and take it in turns to wheel spin up the road, only stopping for a Milkshake.
When the suns shining in weston then your in for a treat as the ***** all gather on the seafront!
Sporting their latest Burberry Cap, T-Shirt, Wallet and 3/4 trousers combo they all stand outside the pubs on the grass and drink alcopops. The ********* however have more class and sit on the grass, Pint in hand (usually cider) and kids running riot.
So there you have it, Weston super mare really is the King of **** towns!

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