Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Oxfordshire, South East, United Kingdom

Okay so you take a lovely pleasant walk along the thames river, past small villages like Benson and wallingford, and from the river edge these look like nice ordinary country villages.
Think again!
When night falls…okay even before night falls they come out.
It begins with a small clustering of noisy youths in the hithercroft, by the school or down at the river in wallingford…very shortly there can be samll army of mouthy vicous youths who may aswell belong in a zoo, that is if anyone would take them.
They drink smoke and take drugs..okay lets not pretend most of us haven’t got wasted down by a river and smoked a fag…yet what distinguishes us from them is our sense of fairness and morality.
Starting a fight for them is starting war with america..call in all the troops. Calling someone a name like bitch takes hours of careful planning infront of the mirror, and when someone says something even remotely intelligent such as you are never going to get any where in life…they stammer and stutter and mumble how you are not worth it.
I used to live in Benson and i am what some people call a chav, however i do not go out with the intention of hurting people or causing a fight therefore i am not a ‘chav’
What worries me about these poor lost troubled youths (lets be politcally correct) is that very shortly they will be mating and making new little mini me’s….which my money has to pay for.
Get off your arse and get a job!!!
so cynical considering im only 18

  • izzy

    i live in wallingford this is a all sh*t what the f**k do you think your writing you can p*ss on your words………okay there are some f**king sh*t areas in wallingford where all the asbos live but there are some really nice places but it all kicks of after school with all the c**ts but they wont hurt you there all mouth with no trousers i could f**k them up with one lousy punch

    if you walk like a chicken and you are a retard then they will f**k you up more but if you walk around like you are realy tough and then you could become friends with the chav there not tough lolololololololololol