SomersetSouth West

Behind the beautiful and breathtaking architecture of Bath, lies the **** pit that is Twerton. Blockbuster being the biggest and possibly best shop in the whole town, doesn’t stop the truenting youths from stealing popcorn and second hand ****. The spa only allows 2 youths at a time, proving that no-one is to be trusted in this awful place. The no.5 makes its disgustingly smelly route through the town, teenage mothers and alcoholics alike in tow. Whilst walking through at 12 at night (not out of choice) I was shouted at by a boy racer from his nova ‘oi, where you goin? u wanna *** wiv me in my lush car innit’ needless to say I gritted my teeth, grinned and shook my head. Good God.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020