Well i think the most **** ******** place of the tipton area is a place called The Lost City, a cheap run down concil estate which landmarks include the local spar and cheap clothes shops and a few stolen and abandoned burned out cars. The local school Willingsworth High (the rival of Alex High another **** ******** area which competes for **** ‘cool’ points) is a hang out not just during school time but the excitment of the discos and after school clubs keep the **** population entertained for a few hours before its time to head to the Asda for cheap cider and lambrini plus nightly joyriding and hangin about the tollerys. The most exciting part of this ‘night out’ is the skidding and burning of tyres which is followed by grunts of enjoyment from the *****. the ********* are a little more classy now upgrading the price of a shag to a sip of stella or in some extreme cases even Skol. In the times when ***** are car-less they can find their bikes (which were most likely robbed from their brothers and sisters) as a way to **** the time, by riding them up and now the local field trying to **** the kids form ocker hill and comparing there big chunky gold necklaces. But as in all cases of **** nature the arrivlal of normal people or ‘Greebos’ as they call them , can disrupt this fun time. The ***** find a new plan of action which involves verbal abuse to the Greebos and in some cases a fight usually ending with the ***** best Tracksuit getting a little dirty and their bling messed up. You can then jump on a 313 to go to Dudley another **** hang out or catch a bus to Wednesbury bus station which as least goves you a choice of either heading to Birmingham or Wolverhampton on the 79 bus.

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