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Growing up in Thornaby all my life, I’ve had my share of beatings and thrashings. But Consider myself one of the lucky ones, friends of mine have been stabbed in the past.

Thornaby is like most “bottom end” towns in england, including in-built heroin despencer and wall mounted blig machines (or though it seems). The ***** or “Townies” as we call them in Thornaby are of the worst kind, every corner you pass theres a flash of “Fred perry” or burberry (mostly fake i presume). The allys consist of long dark passege ways, only navigationable by your run of the mill ****, the streets ar so clutterd with rubbish, needles and alco-pop bottles yu can hardly get around without catching some form of HIV.

Favoured “hang out” places are:

How grim is your Postcode?

The Green(once a beutifuul “green” place, now over run)

The reck( The name just says it all doesnt it?)

The little boy park (No little boy would venture here without a tetnis jab and full body armour)

The town centre (The original 1960’s style seems to good to pass up for the *****)

Thornaby woods ( the smaller of the woods, look in the beck! Guess what! ASDA’s trollys, what a surprise.)

And finally: Bassy woods( Now, the breeding ground of the ****, when i say breeding ground i meen it!)

The lack off clean air ( Due to every man, woman and small child smoking) has caused an ecademic of asthma, or so it seems, probbebly a scam by mothers(Mostly 15) to gain dissability debit.

In closure, Thornaby is one of the smallest, but ********* towns in england! I strongly reccomend you stay away! ( Unless you are a licenced **** spotter, then come, bring cattle probds and tranculiser guns!)

Josh the Mosher of the North East!

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