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Unable to walk out of my house without having rocks thrown at me, I stay in the salvation of my house telling you nice people about this Rat’s Nest. Thornaby is a fairly small town, with an average population for a town of it’s size. About 95% of it’s residents are C***s or Townies. They were no-doubt poured into this sweet town when Middlesbrough, our neighbouring city, got too full of them. Thornaby is much like any c**v-filled town, but these c***s specialise in spit and violence. One can not reason with the buggers if they corner you – you’re either beaten up/stoned or you peg it, there’s simply no other option. Places to be expecially weary of is Teddar Avenue and the “Estate”, Diamond Road & close by Terrece Streets, and, of course, the 1960’s-esque town centre. But to be honest, they’re everywhere but the green, where only 90+’s dwell.

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