The Glebe, Birmingham

West MidlandsWest Midlands

This area really does surpass all expectation!  Unfortunately nothing appears to have changed since the last article was posted. 

Driving through the area (never walk), one is greeted by a deluge of under-age single mothers,  nethanderals, drug addled pixies and various other problem vermin.  Levels of educational attainment are rock bottom; a scant review of replies posted on the last review is testament to this.  There is almost a unique dialect spoken throughout the area, decipherable only from the high number of single syllable words used.   Various colloquialisms are copiously added to create a form of pigeon English that is without parallel in mainland U.K. and indeed much of the Commonwealth.

The area is clearly dominated by juvenile gangs; martyrs to a cause that people have neither the time nor inclination to care about.  Unfortunately the root cause of all of this is parental background – ignorance breeds ignorance.  The vast majority of children are being raised in dysfunctional families where there is either no father figure present, or the father is not in work and does not provide a positive role model.   Family breakdown prevails in Kitts Green and the Glebe like a cancerous growth, stiffling any hopes or ambitions that may otherwise be realised in the civilised world.

 The only solution?  Cut the benefits and kill the dependency culture.

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