Tewkesbury – Delightful and Convenient


Whist the outskirts of Tewkesbury have grown with new housing estates over the past 40 odd years, the town itself remains a pretty constant and little has changed over the years, yes there is the odd tattoo parlour and a multitude of charity shops, but that seems to be the norm for most towns these days The difference in Tewkesbury is that much is covered by the Listed Buildings Act and so stops beautiful buildings from being destroyed by over zealous planners. One thing that does let it down is the restricted parking for the town and the high parking charges in car parks that flood.

However, Tewkesbury has a natural protection of the rivers and if you can buy a property in the town which does not flood then you have a nice place to live, (not that these sort of properties come on the market very often) Shops on your doorstep, a cinema/theatre, good restaurants, open spaces, rivers to potter on, pubs that cater for all tastes and all with in easy reach (10 mins) of the M5 not forgetting a good rail service to both Birmingham and London and a small commuter airport. Twee – no but very pleasing, with a beautiful Abbey to crown it off. What more could you ask for.

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