Swindon – Yes Another one!

South WestWiltshire

Swindon, Ok so it might not be the worlds worst hell hole, but you’re sure to find the words “wanna say that to my face” littered around here. Cockey little tw*ts march around schools pretending to be black – One of my friends is of Jamaican orogin, I don’t here him calling me his blud. The other thing is our c***s cannot face it, they know they are failures and like most c***s – just shout a little louder. Call them a c**v, god it all goes off then, they wanna be known as Towny or Gangster. Gangsters unlike c***s, know what they are doing meaning, they can steal money and not get caught – C***s in Swindon can’t adjust to the fact that they are not tough. And that is what makes it so funny.

We don’t really have massive gangs, not that i’ve heard of. But Kids here¬†want to make em’, not hard to see it happening in a few years time. It’s also not hard to picture street wars once gangs get going, drugs everywhere. Thats why England is being torn apart, the forces can arrest as many terrorists in iraq as they will but what’s being done here, on our own turf.

And that’s why something needs to be done, If the police aren’t doing anything, we need to. I’m not saying start a gang and go after c***s, I’m¬†talking about spreading the word of change, around the web that we take for granted, websites like this is what we need more of. But we want publicity in other communities, how to help people stuck in fear of leaving a gang – how to teach martial arts, giving more opportunities to fear stricken kids. Life isn’t fair, everyone knows that – but the thug community have surely overstepped the line, I’m trying not to preach but if we can’t stop this soon there is surely going to be riots, revolutions and change that should not be so. If you really care about England, Its time to reclaim the streets.

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