Written by Anonymous.

Sutton in Ashfield or Shiton in Trashfield as sometimes called is over populated with chav scum, or commonly known townies. They hang around in the main parts of sutton, i.e. the sun dial, market, the loading bay or around asda. They walk round in their groups,mostly male chavs, either kicking footballs or generally just looking “hard”. The female chavs are rarely seen until friday night, where they can be seen in all there glory drinking cider! Then we what we(the local group of BMXers) call “smackheads”, these low life scum walk round the town centre drugged up or drunk or both! The smackheads are usually in there 20’s to possibly 30’s, they try to look cool in front of the younger chavs but really they should just grow up!

The weekends are always a good laugh, chavs and the fat minging chavettes hit the pubs in sutton,these include; The market tavern(only decent pub down sutton, not alot of chavs!), the nags head, 1st base, the woolpack etc. Ahhh the woolpack, many times have seen pissed up chavs trying to fight eachother whilst there girlfriend scream at them,i know alot of people that go to the woolpack on fridays at apprently drink 12 pints. What i dont get is, how come they never get asked for I.D?

I go down sutton alot,pretty much every night(when im not working) and garanteed i will see some smack heads or chavs. There everywhere!

Oh i forgot something, the local skatepark or “skag”, always inhabited with chavs or sometimes smackheads,mostly chavs though,ranging ages from 7 to late teens,most smoke(and will ask for fags numerous times even though you’ve already explained that you dont smoke). They write there shitty graffeti all over the ramps, one funny example “dan is rude”. Now that it gets dark early the skag is un-usable at night so we talk to the street with our little BMX bikes. Our meeting point KFC, home of good food, expensive prices, and last but not least shitty modified chav mobiles, the same goes for the local maccy D’s. We get alot of s**t from chavs and smackheads but we give back just as much we take! I could go on and on and someday i might write more on the s******e known as sutton.

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