Stechford, Birmingham, inc Kitts Green,Lea Village and Tile Cross

West MidlandsWest Midlands

Well what can I say! Very similar to the description of Chelmsley Wood. These areas are full of the cream of C**v! The males wear the obligatory uniform of a tracksuit tucked into there socks, Nike or Reebok classic trainers, loads of gold (cheaper the better) scarf around the face. Female chavettes wear either skintight Moschino jeans or white tracksuit bottoms. In the summer we have vest tops with totally the wrong coloured bra or winter trackie top or coat with fur collars, rockport boots, gold bejewelled dolly chains and the biggest super hooper earrings! Also why do they have to wear their Berghaus coats in all weather with the hoods up?

Education (see the new International School)

Full of scraped back, greasy haired oiks who think it is cool to show off their snatch in there school uniform and walk in the road as cars go by because they think it is funny. It is now officially cool in these areas not to get an education and their only ambition is to get pregnant with Chelsey, Bianca, Kyle or Brandon and get a flat off the council with their v****n car thief boyfriends!

Has anyone else experienced the Lea Village tornado. You can drive home at night and the bus stops on our “showcase” 97 busroute are all in tact and by sunrise every window is smashed! WHY!! What pleasure can they possibly get from smashing a bus stop??? and why do they feel the need to drive like knobs with their sad music pumping out skidding round the corners.

Greggs Lea Village must be the most profitable Greggs in Birmingham apart from the TC where all the s**m go to buy their fake rip off louis vuitton bags. I actually know someone who works for the new Louis Vuittion shop in Birmingham and these twats actually go in there and look at the goods and if it wasn’t obvious enough that they can’t afford to shop there they take their fake bags in with them. HAVE THEY NO SHAME!!!!

They are unable to string a sentence together and they hang out in packs around the shops with their baabees in pushchairs smokin a fag. Even the babbees have little gold rings on their fingers poor little buggers and so the cycle will go on and on.

I’m sure some of these v****n will eventually get their heads out their arses and get a life but until then I will keep my eyes closed when driving through the village.

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