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 I’m new to this site and I know that Southampton is already been placed on the List I would just like to add a few details.

 I do not actually live in Southampton, Although I am close, Waterside Area is where I am based. In my little village Chavs have multiplied so much that it is impossible, for me and many others like me, to even go down to the shop and get a pint of milk or a newspaper without getting some form of verbal abuse.

 Yesterday I was walking my Dog down the road, I stopped off at the news agents, as I normally do, to get a newspaper. When I finished I came outside to get my Dog, Couldnt find him, Everything went. I heard a barking after i called him and found him running towards me (little westie! so cute) with pegs attrached to his ears and tail, he was in pain and I was angry.

 I went around the corner to find out who had done this, although I already had my suspisions which i was right. A bunch of chavs were standing there laughing. I asked them what did they think they were doing. I could have reported them. Im suprised I didnt. They laughed and said “u starting on me? I didnt do nofin” This  was a guy. I’d had run ins before with him, several of them, some turned out violent. He’s hit me before and I him, but only if he’s attacked me. (Im a girl)

I told them to keep away from the dog, typically I got nothing but the “yeah wot u gonna do bout it?” attitude but I left them, taking the dog home. My dad was furious.

I dont see why a bunch of people would do something like that to a defenseless animal? The dog didnt do anything to them? Its just cruel and sick. People like that should be taken out and shot.

Thats my latest escapade with them, although there are several others some worse than most. But I dont see why they would want to go around smashing everything, treating people and they’re property and pets with such contempt. The world doesnt owe them a living, it doesnt owe them a favour or anything, if anything else they should be grateful that they are still alive, some people dont have that luxury.

They look like a sack, and excuse my phrasing here, i know i am a lady and shouldnt use such words as well as an english student, please dont critisise me, of s**t. Girls are like tarts who where the most obseen outfit they can find in theri wardrobe with taky fake hoops hanging from their ears which are less hollow then they are. Ive never met someone so far up their own arse that ive had to send out a search party.

If this is too long then I apoligise, I just wanted to rant as most of you can imagine about the worst thing since T.Blair.

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