Shaftesbury (dorset)

DorsetSouth West

A question often asked is what are chavs? Visit shaftesbury and you WILL find out! You need to follow the fag ash and the loud crys of “shut it u minga” this should lead to tesco where they creep around outside untill 1:00am swearing and telling people that “they didnt do nothin or nothin”. The police often move these creatures of the night but like a homing pigeon they always return where as they should of broken there wings before they get chance to return. You know where chavs are when you see people running in the opposite direction as soon as you smell there perfume make a run otherwise they will tie you up with fake burburry matirial and strap you to a chair. I recomend staying well away from these…things, you wouldnt want to catch a disease its not good in the end your fingers fall off…uhh. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED AND TOOK MY ADVICE ABOUT THIS ARTICLE!!! thankyou

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