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Sedgley is a town in the west midlands which is near to larger towns like Dudley and Wolverhampton. It is swarming with chavs and the town’s chav population is increasing by the day.

The town centre in Sedgley has three chav invested pubs in the Bull Ring area. The Court House is an ancient pub which has been there for about 200 years and with the high crime levels in Sedgley its a shame the Court House isn’t a crown court like it used to be. Chavs as young as 13 get served in there by using fake ID’s but the bar staff will serve just about anyone because there has been so many problems with aggressive customers losing their temper with bar staff who won’t serve them. Underneath the Court House is a passageway which runs under the traffic island into the basement of the Red Lion which used to be a prison but has long been turned into a pub. The Court House is another chavvy pub where chavs mostly underage go to get blind drunk. Sedgley town centre’s third chavviest pub is the Clifton which is part of the posh Wetherspoon chain but hardly any posh people go there because it is crowded with chavs who take advantage of the cigarette machine if they can’t get served in an off licence like Virks or Hadens. The man in Virks now serves fags and booze to anyone and most evenings you can catch about 10 or 15 chavs crowding outside with a can of beer and a fag.

Now a bit about some chavvy estates in Sedgley.

The Beacon estate is a slum of old council houses occupied by mostly chav families who dump rubbish on eachothers gardens and leave rusting old bangers on their driveways. One family on the estate had a feud with their neighbours and the son and his mate ending up getting thrown into prison for setting another neigbours house on fire.
Another family on the Beacon have 2 teenaged daughters who have about 5 babies between them each off different fathers. Some of the worst families on the estate never wash themselves or their homes and turn the whole place into a cesspit.
Beacon Hill at the top of the estate is a dumping ground for litter and stolen cars. Gypsies have paid a visit to the hill many times and always leave a mountain of rubbish behind when they move on.

Tudor estate off the Dudley Road is a chavvy old council estate like the Beacon. It is at the back of county wallpapers an old cinema which sells cheap wallpaper to the hard up people living in the area. One chav on the Tudor has spent the last 5 years spray painting his name all over Sedgley and spraying insults about how his enemies stink like a curry house.

Next to the Tudor is a much newer estate which has always been called Giro City because the whole estate lives on benefits. It is home to some of Sedgley’s chavviest people including some who spend their lives roaming the streets shouting abuse at residents and throwing bricks at windows. The Giro joins onto a big field where chavs race around on stolen motorbikes and set abandoned cars on fire. A few years ago in the early days of chavs a 20 strong gang of chavs from the Giro lifted a battered old Metro on top of a wall and left it there until it fell off the ball and was crushed to a pulp. Chavs can often be seen crowding around cars on the estate driven by adults who will sell them booze and fags which they wouldn’t get anywhere else. Giro estate only appeared in the last 15 years but its already one of the most notorios council estates in the country.

About 2 miles from Sedgley town centre in the Gornalwood area is the Boundry Hill estate which is yet another crumbling old council estate full of chavs. 99% of the people at Boundry Hill don’t have a garage so their cars are left outside where they can be stolen. The fields near Boundry Hill around Ellowes Hall school littered with burnt out cars which were stolen by local chavs.

There are 2 private estates in Sedgley noted for chavs, Brownswall and Northway. Cabin pub on the Northway used to be popular with chavs until a mean new landlord arrived earlier this year and banned under 18’s from even entering the pub. He paid for his meanness when a gang of young chavs scratched his car with a brick end. The car park outside the Cabin and the shops that join onto it is a sort of exhibition zone for chavvy cars most nights. Several older chavs on the estate show off their bodykitted Corsa’s and 206’s which are the spitting image of the modified cars you see in Maxpower magazine. There was also a decrepit old Vauxhall Astra from the Beacon which used to make an appearence until December 2003 when the driver was off guard for one second. A gang of older chavs jumped into the car and drove it away with the owner stranded on the car park. The Astra was later found torched at the side of the Dudley Road.

There are two chav families on the Brownswall, one on Brownswall Road with 3 kids who run the streets and fight their neighbours and another by the deserted football field whose son has been known to the local police since he was 10 years old for spraying grafhiti, getting into street fights threatening his neighbours. The wife is easily recognisable as she is about 50 and looks and dresses like Tina Turner. He did time in prison after video cameras captured him spraying his name all over shop windows.

There are some famous grafhiti words which have sprung up since the chav revolution in Sedgley some years ago. TOAF or TOFF is a tag which was invented by a group of chavs targeting another boy who was the richest in his class and the only boy in his class who went to church. Toaf spread across the midlands and has also been rumoured to have spread abroad. The same gang of chavs have also invented the tag BORIS which refers to a Russian looking boy from Sedgley. One of the gang even painted Boris on an electricity substation outisde the boy’s house on the Brownswall estate at the other side of Cotwall End valley to Boundry Hill. 2RANK and BASE were barely readable tags which appeared in Sedgley and most of the midlands about 3 years ago and nobody has ever discovered who the culprit was. SIBBO is a local chav who sprays his tag all over the midlands and is so famous for it that nobody knows his real name. TURLEY is one of the veteran chavs in Sedgley whose tag is sprayed on just about every wall, shutter and door in the town. BURNSY is another of Sedgley’s veteran chavs who has spent most of his life daubing his tag all over the place without even being caught.

A bit about the schools in Sedgley.

Dormston near the town centre is one of the chavviest schools in the UK. The chavs who go there don’t give a damn about it until they are kicked out and can’t stay away from the place. They sell cheap fags to the school’s youngest chavs who don’t stand a chance of getting served even at Virks. They then attract the attention of the staff at Dormston who tell them to go away but the chavs don’t go away until the police come. Chavs have also paid visits to the school out of school hours by climbing over the prison like fence and smashing windows. The new Dormston sports arts centre is already a vandalized shack even though it was only built 5 years ago, although some of it was the work of the school’s pupils. I’ve heard a story that chavs at the school started to wreck the classroom blocks to get revenge on the headmaster who banned them from wearing burberry caps.

High Arcal is a few hundred yards down the road from Dormston off the Tipton Road. It is surrounded by the fields which lead to the Giro and Valley estates. Teachers are always on guard at the gates at the start of school, the end of school, at break and at lunch, so there’s no drug dealing at the gates here. But the rest of the school is surrounded by a high fence where older chavs used to hand over fags and sometimes even booze and drugs to the mini chavs. All of this stopped when the strict headmaster found out and had CCTV fitted in order to stop his pupils being given drugs. The odd vandal breaks in and makes their mark on the classroom blocks at High Arcal but I hear that the vandalism at Dormston is miles worse.

Ellowes Hall is about 2 miles from Sedgley on the Boundry Hill council estate. There was once a time when parents collecting their children in cars couldn’t park anywhere near the gates because so many drug dealers were hanging about. When they were told to clear off the dealers hung around the surrounding fields and passed drugs through the fences. That’s going back quite a few years now. Ellowes Hall’s biggest problem is now chavs who rule the school and drag its name down. I hear that the headmaster at Ellowes has surrendered in his war of chavs because the more he tried to stop them from wearing Burberry the more they wore it.

Down in Woodsetton which is almost in Tipton there are hardly any chavs at all. The pubs are swarming with old men who sit up the corner and drink a pint of beer without having to watch out for flying beer bottles or bar stools which are being thrown by underaged chavs who are angry for being refused alcohol.

If it wasn’t for the Woodsetton area then Sedgley should be renamed Chavtown UK but that title should go to Dudley.

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Sedgley is a fairly small village located in the West Midlands that is home to some of Britain’s best-nurtured Chavs. The main bull ring has an ever increasing amount of cheap pubs, some of the most notable of these are The Courthouse which comes alive every evening when the Chavs come out to play, unfortunately The Courthouse is quite small and apart from the fact its impossible to actually breathe once your inside due to the excessive amount of cheap fags and distinct lack of ventilation but quite often it becomes impossible to cram any more Burberry into such a confined space so the local Chavs will stand outside on the footpath instead, start fights with the bouncers and mug people in passing cars.

Also worth a mention is the Red Lion pub which is usually home to some of the older chavs of an evening, it’s a great place to go if you want to watch group of thirty or more chavs start on one of the bar staff who innocently attempted to collect their empties. Likewise The Clifton and Montys Wine Bar are two newly opened ‘posh’ venues, Montys is a great place to find mini chavs celebrating their 13th birthday by getting blind drunk and ending up with four kids by the end of the evening.

Dormston, the local school is home to many chavs in training, none of them really give a damn about school until they get kicked out, then they spend the whole day hanging round outside the school gates passing fags to their fellow chavs who are behind the gates, it’s a bit like training for prison really. Many of the chavs parents arrive up to an hour before school actually ends to wait to meet them, you’d be naïve if you thought that this was just so they could get the best parking spots, its actually because outside Dormston is a great place for single chav parents to meet and produce more chav offspring’s.

Once upon a time Sedgley had a hobo who went by the name of Barry Codger, he would stand outside Oliver Twist, the local hair dresser where chavs can get their weekly doses of peroxide, Barry Codger would drink all day and dance for money, he died from drinking too much and the owner of the hair dressers erected a plaque in memory of this fine example of Sedgley citizen. Another hairdresser to note is ‘Menz’ who attract in chav customers by using that much favoured upon replacement of ‘s’ with ‘z’ jut because its ‘cool’. Barry Codgers favourite off license was Virks, during the day Virks is the shop of choice for many young chavs who go there to buy blue panda pops and 5p tip top ice lollys. In the evening Virks is a great place to get served with booze and fags no matter how old you are.

Two of the local parks in Sedgley are the Tens Acre, which is widely known as the ‘Tenny’ and coronation gardens usually referred to as the ‘Corra’ or ‘Corrie’. The tenny features a children’s play area which is the permanent home of many chavs and chavettes, its also a great social area in the evening especially if your into sniffing pritt stick. Other features of the tenny are the large car park, which always contains at least one modified car, and usually two or three burnt out stolen ones. One notable event was in December 2003 when a chav showing off his pimpled Nova was dragged from it at knife point by a gang of fellow chavs, the car was promply smashed into nearby fences and then set alight. The tenny also used to feature a large amount of bushes, which were the common place of conception for many young chavettes, unfortunately the council recently chopped all the bushes down, so now the park bench is the location of choice instead.

The Northway is an area of fairly upmarket houses that were built in the seventies, the local precinct is a great place for local chavs to get together to drink cheap booze and smash up the local doctors surgery. The Northway also features a park, which is a great place to go if you want to start a fire or jump into the water filtration thing for a laugh. The Northway is home to many of Sedgleys modified car owners, however they tend to be the more upmarket Corsa owners rather than those Nova owners from the beacon area. One of the most notable ‘modified’ cars from the Beacon area is an Astra with a plywood spoiler that’s been brush painted a different colour than the rest of the car, naturally it sports a Max Power sticker but is more G-reg than G-unit.

The Brownswall estate is next to the Northway, it is home to only one chav family but they’re so bad that they deserve a special mention for dragging the entire estate down. Dan Round and family are some of dumbest little parasites in Britain, Dan round is most notable for going around picking fights with 10 year olds and it has been rumoured that maggots have taken up residence in his hair. Best avoided, unless you want a good laugh. Another well-known chav is Matt Turley who used to go around painting his name everywhere; last I heard he was in prison. Dean Cotton, Sibbo, and Toaf/Toff all deserve a special mention, Toaf is not a person just a tag that a group of local chavs decided to start scrawling everywhere.

Some of the best chav spotting spots in Sedgley include the bench opposite the Mandina Tandori, the Beacon tower and naturally the Wrens Nest Estate, locally known as the Wrena. To best describe the wrena imagine an area that consists only of council houses, each of which is occupied by a chav family. It’s a scary place, I heard a story once that a guy from British Gas drove in there to read the gas meters and was later seen running out minus his shoes and van being hotly pursued by a rottweiler.

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Sedgley is a town in the Black Country, part of the West Midlands, but it’s never been as black as some other parts of the Black Country. Infact it used to be quite a good area. But in the last 15 years it has turned into a dump where chavs rule. They spray grafhiti on walls, trash cars and menace staff in the local shops.

The Bull Ring in Sedgley town centre is the area’s chav capital with several rundown pubs like the Red Lion and the Court House. Both used to have a good name for serving quality meals, but they are now plagued with drugs and regularly stage pub brawls. Nearly all of the arrests in Sedgley seem to account for drink related offences. Nearly all the arrested people in Sedgley are chavs.

Sedgley has some cheap chav infested housing estates like Beacon, High Arcal (known locally as Giro City because so many people living there are out of work), Upper Gornal, Ellowes and Bramford.

The shops on the private Northway Estate used to be a top chav hang out until the mean businessmen with properties in the area refused to serve under 18’s after 7.00pm – what about that for meanness? Even during the day, the tight fisted landlord at the Cabin pub won’t even serve coca cola to people he thinks are under 18 – when in fact they are at least 19.

Bramford Estate shops are also a chav hang out but this area is no match for Sedgley town centre when it comes to chav infestation.

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Chav utopia! every corner has around 30-40 chavs faggin it and tryin to look like gangsters when they actually look like members of a group sex colony masturbating in public (cos’ their hands spend more time by their crotches or in some extremely sad cases actually DOWN their pants).
It’s not fake burberry by us either, it’s white nike baseball caps with blue lines and dotted lines up the side. Don’t go near them, RESEARCH HAS UNCOVERED SEVERAL PREVIOUSLY UNKNOWN DISEASES!!!!!!
Oh yes the places they hang out well, I live opposite a park and every night its full of them, if you stand on top of the hill at the entrance its a sea of nike, adidas and burberry. If you have your head screwed on and are not a chav, and you go down there the usual greeting you get are shouts of “GREEBO GREEBO GREEBO” then obviously you feel obliged to yell ” CHAV CHAV CHAV!!!” but then you need to start running, not because they will beat you up because everyone knows chavs are wimps, far from it my friend, its actually the chav smell, Fags, alcohol and cheap knock-off aftershave, plus when they pile on top of you the weight of their so-called “bling” will cease your heart from beating.(plus some chavs are fat bas***ds, nobody likes to be jumped on by a fat chav…)
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Sedgley is a chav town in central England about 4 miles north of Dudley and about 5 miles south of Wolverhampton. It used to be a village in the south staffordshire countryside but now its a chavtown in the grimy west midlands conurbation.

Nearly all of Sedgley’s top chav/chavette hang outs are around the town’s Bull Ring – a traffic island which many years ago held bull fighting competitions. There’s a posh wine bar called the Clifton, part of the JD wetherspoon pub chain, which chavs/chavettes hardly ever go in although gypsies often put in an appearance – with their horse and cart waiting outside. The best chav hang out in Sedgley is the Red Lion, directly opposite the Clifton, which was once a village pub but is now the chav capital of Sedgley. Chavs and chavettes, including some very sexy girls, go there every night to get drunk. There’s often fighting in the Red Lion, especially when there’s a football match on the big screen – recently about 30 people (mostly chavs) were arrested for their part in a drunken clash with hells angels after England lost a game at Euro 2004. When there isn’t a fight inside the Red Lion then there’s usually a lot of action around the town centre afterwards. Chavs and chavettes get into fights and end up putting their enemies in hospital and themselves behind bars. Chavs and chavettes have loads of fun around Sedgley much to the expense of non-Chavs/chavettes. A gang of about 20 chavs aged 15-16 threw snowballs at a van full of gypsies in February 2003 and got chased several hundred yards around Sedgley before running back into school and chucking a few even heavier snowballs back at their pursuers. And the Dormston youthclub was recently a training ground for Sedgley’s toughest chavs, it had to close in 2001 because chavs and chavettes kept chucking bricks at it and spraying their name all over it – the name Turley was sprayed on the youth club about 20 times (it’s been painted about 1,000 times in the rest of Sedgley). It’s since been partly rebuilt and the Dormston youthy is now a great hang out for chavs and chavettes, they can spend 3 hours a night playing snooker and hanging around outside getting drunk.

Northway Estate in Sedgley is another chav hang out. It’s a fairly upmarket area of mostly private houses built in the 1960’s but it’s most famous for being a chavvy part of Sedgley. Chavs and chavettes from all over Sedgley hang around there at night, smashing up the telephone box after getting drunk on booze available from the Cabin pub. Bar staff at the Cabin are real generous, they even serve 11 years olds. Best of all the chavs and chavettes hurl bricks at the shop windows especially the window of the fish and chip shop, Northway Fish Bar, which closed about 2 years ago because the owner was fed up of having his windows stoned by chavs. So the chavs scored a winner over the trader by doing him out of business. That was really something for the Sedgley Chavs to be proud of.

Brownswall Estate right next to the Northway is another chav hang out although they hardly ever go anywhere near the houses. The chavs sometimes let off fireworks on the estate’s playing fields, much to the annoyance of the old people living in the nearby bungalows – although one of Sedgley’s most famous tearaways lives into a bungalow right by the fields. Chavs as young as 10 often hang out by the estate’s shops, persuading older kids to buy them booze before they smash the bottles up. But the best chav hangout at Brownswall is by the garages of Sandyfields Road, where chavs and chavettes hang out all night spraying grafhiti on the electricity sub station. You can often catch some of the sexiest girls in Sedgley at this chav hang out although the surroundings are anything but sexy – grafhitied sub station, burnt fences and dented garage doors plus the occasional burnt out old banger.

Sedgley is a top chav town, where the chavs can buy cheap cars off street corners for a few pounds each. Cul de sacs on isolated housing estates are a common dumping ground for stolen cars and so is Tenacre Field which is known locally as the Tenny.
Chavs hang around the Tenacre Field at all hours, playing football, smoking, showing off their modified cars and spraying paint all over the kids playground. Last year they even pulled the rubber tyre off a swing and used it as fuel to help burn a trashy old car.

Sedgley has lost some of its top chav hangs out especially the safeway supermarket which was built in 1987. Its still there except its now a West Midlands C-op because it was sold off when Morrisons took over Safeway last year. In the good old days of being a chav hang out, Sedgley Safeway was the local canteen for most of Sedgley’s chavs and chavettes. They would dump their food containers and drinks cans at the side of Safeway and entertain themselves by lobbing stones onto the roof of Safeway – and they were never caught.

Mr Q’s pub in Gospel End Street is another top chav hang out although its beginnings nearly 200 hours ago were quite different – it was built in the early 19th century as a court of law until a new magistrates courts was built on the back of the police station around 1900. Since then it’s been a pub, first the Court House but since 1997 it’s been called Mr Q’s as its part of the trendy pub chain which dominates England. Chavs don’t hang around Mr Q’s so much these days but even in the last 5 years Chavs and Chavettes would spend many hours a night taking advantage of the cigarette machines (because the local shopkeepers wouldn’t serve them) and the really cheap yo-yos sold the by the landlord – remember that yo-yo crave a few years ago??? Best of all the Chavs used to win loads of fights after the football matches on the big screen. But Mr Q’s has lost its place as the top Chav hang out in Sedgley to the most unlikely of its rivals – The Red Lion.

Beacon Estate, a shabby 1930’s council estate near Sedgley town centre, is home to most of Sedgley’s Chavs and Chavettes. This is the most undesirable part of Sedgley to live in, so many houses go empty. And an empty house on the Beacon Estate becomes a training ground for Chavs and Chavettes who spraypaint their names all over the boarded-up windows and doors. They also break down fences and scatter them all over the streets. The Beacon Hill is another Chav hang out where the bravest chavs often climb up the 30 foot Beacon Monument built in 1848. Some of the bravest chavs even jump off the top to impress their chavette girlfriends.

If it wasn’t for school uniform then Dormston Secondary School in Sedgley town centre would the chavviest school in England – nearly all of the pupils are chavs or chavettes. But it can’t be chavvy because of the VERY strict headmistress who makes all pupils wear blazers, ties, shirts, trousers and normal shoes – NO trainers, hoodies or baseball caps allowed. HOW mean. Yet while the headmistress is having a go at chavs/chavettes about their unfiroms the school’s grebos are attacking eachother and putting eachother in hospital, while the teachers do NOTHING about it. I should know what it’s like because I went there for 5 years!!!!! I was a chav out of school but in school there was nothing chavvy about me or anyone else because the dress code was so strict!!!!! I was so glad when I left. But when I went back a few days after leaving to collect my school photo I was wearing chavvy clothes and the headmistress sent me home to get changed because I should have been wearing school uniform….. even though I was no longer a pupil there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that, Sedgley is a really chavvy town which would be even chavvier if it wasn’t for the strict dress code regulations of its schools.

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Sedgley is a half decent local high street in the daytime. the variety of shops there is quite good and seems to be steadily improving with time BUT……….

Come the night time, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays it becomes a Chav Hell Hole.

All the pubs are chav pubs really. even the Beacon Hotel which used to be a biker pub has been invaded somehow!

Here’s where you will mainly find the scum fucks in Sedgley –

Monty’s Wine Bar (what a s******e!).
The Clifton (used to be a bingo hall, now a chav breeding ground and Class A s******e).
The Courthouse/Mr Q’s (another s******e).
The Red Lion (brimming with chavs, more so when the bungee jumping is on, lets hope they forget about the elastic and just shove the w*****s to their deaths from 150 feet).
Also The White Lion, The White Swan, The Swan plus plenty more.

Then There’s the Concord Market, for all your fake clothing needs, a Kwik Save, 3 Nail/Beauty shops for aspiring Jordans, Phone Boxes and Bus Shelters to punch and kick. the Four Seasons Kebab and Pizza shop and the Balti Bazzar right over the road from Monty’s and The Clifton so they dont have to walk like they’ve got something in their ass too far to get some food.

Sedgley also contains an absolutely useless Police Station that closes at night (around 9pm i think) so all the chavs and their ..ahem.. women can stagger about the high street threatening random passers by and feel “really hard” about it because there’s a police station right around the corner.

Even though it’s Closed.

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