Scarborough (Scarbados, a more positive view)

Having read a previous article on which can only be described as making scarborough seem like the worse place in the world I have decided to post my own opinions on the town I was born, raised and still happily live in to this day.

For those of you that are unaware Scarborough is a sea side town on the Yorkshire Coast. It boasts two different beaches with very different atmospheres to them. The south side is kicking with life, you have the fantastic smells of freshly made donuts as visitors to the town ( which are vital to our economy) enjoy fish and chips or ice cream from some of our famous beach front shops. Our days with sunshine are limited admittedly but when the sun is shining their is no place I would rather be than here watching family’s play on the sand and seeing the exitment on children’s faces as 20p drops out of the 2p slot machines. The north side is the complete opposite to the south side and offers an alternative to residents and visitors of the town. This beach is piecful and is a fantastic place to gather your thoughts whilst looking at amazing views of the castle and scalby mills. The colourful chalets are a uniquely wonderful place to sit in and watch the sunset as the smell of the early evening barbiques dominate the air.

The town centre does not have the greatest range of shops in the world. Their is however a community feel to the area as you would do well to go from one end of the town to the other without seeing someone you know. I have been to city centres where people are rude or just ignore you. In scarborough 9/10 you will get a smile and an apology from the person. I have always thought that exept from a few rude people (which you will find In any town or city) the population of Scarborough are polite and helpful.

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The town does have quite a large proportion of foreigners but nothing compared to most areas of the country. The majority of the town are white British people however been a tourist town we open are arms up to anyone fron any race or religion.

The town is a bus ride away from the beautiful places such as the North Yorkshire Moors. Even though it is on our doorstep if you get out and see it you may find it to be one of the most stunning areas you have seen. You are also located close to other seaside locations such as Whitby and Bridlington which can offer a slight alternative to Scarborough.

The town does have it’s rough areas, I know I am going to sound repetitive but where doesn’t? These areas are improving as well with Barrowcliff recently been built a new skate track which has seen locals kept busy on this and hey are also set for a new community centre.

The town is growing again with KFC just opening a branch in the town after the community came together via social media to request this. Subway continue to grow their franchise in the town and Pizza Express are set to follow these two fast food chains in to the town. It is not all big company’s that dominate the food industry in the town. Restraunts like Florios, El Gringos and Red Dragon are just a few in the catalogue of delicious local restraunts to eat at.

The town has recently been chosen by Coventry University to build a campus here which is going to see the towns economy grow and help more jobs to be created as well as a state if the art building.

The football team is set to have a ground built (eventually) in the town which will see them come back to the town. This will add to the growing success of our famous cricket ground and our recently built rugby club which has been a roaring success.

The open air theatre has also been recently built and whilst it is still finding it’s feet in terms of regular and top notch performances it could become a huge success to the town once it has become a fully established venue in the musical industry.

I am not claiming that Scarborough is the greatest place in the world but to me it is up their. We have our flaws but what place doesn’t? So please if you read the other article don’t let the views of some over negative moron influence your views on the town. Come and see the growing success for yourself.

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