Salford (again!)

Greater ManchesterNorth West

For all those who believe that their local town is the worst for *****, think again.
Welcome to Salford, my favourite **** hole. I’ve lived in Salford for 21 years and seen it go from **** to even crapper. Anyone stupid enough to use public transport in Salford will most certainly agree that the M10 and 67 buses are scary. It could be 9am or 9pm, but you will be guaranteed to find ***** drinking stella, smoking weed and effing and jeffing AT THE BACK OF DA BUS which for some reason is a really hard thing to do.

The public transport is awful because not only do you have to deal with super-***** at the back, but also have to handle the 15year old single mums pushing their cheapo prams onto the bus. THEY TAKE UP ALL THE SPACE! What sort of life will these children have?

Growing up on Churchill Way or Tootal Drive is not my idea of fun!

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