Runcorn — home of the British Redneck

CheshireNorth West

Are you English? Do you fancy Having a ride on your sister? dont want to move to Norfolk?

Look no further, Runcorn is the place for you.

There is a variety of **** here, not just *****, well all ***** just different kinds.

There is the ****-pure ****, from Wiston, so they think they are from Liverpool, they are the ones you read about in the paper, love thier ‘FAKE’ burberry and lacoste, and anything free they can get.

there is the ****-wannabes, pretty much the same as above but from chester and want to be from Wiston.

The Alarm *****, these can sense when people have left there car unlocked, posessions unattended, or someone is walking on there own.

But not everybody is like this, there are afew non-*****, classed as goths because there is nothing else to call them or ***** due to where they live. From the name youd think i was a ****, the only reason i am classed as a **** is i live on murdishaw, tis disgraceful about 30 years ago, maybe more Runorn was a great place, full of woolybacks, then the owner of what is now the newtown, sold all of his farm land and it became cheap housing so the liverpool people moved in and started shagging cousins then moved closer to home and us woolybacks gradually moved away.

there are few us left now, occasionaly making freinds with ***** and almost turning them normal. but its a hope beyond what we can imagine.

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