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The species chavus-scumbagus is an extremely interesting subject in this habitat they seem to live primarily upon items stolen from the nearby fish and chip shop and defend their territory of the estates using things stolen from the nearby SPAR shop they are extremely aggressive and often attack any nearby non burberry wearing people with sticks ripped of trees in large packs, these ***** are often known to bring over 120 people to fight up to 2 people the 120 ***** armed with their rustic weapons lead by one which has aqquired a bladed weapon or knife given to them by **** relatives too “slash up some faaaaaaaaaaaaaackin bods” the ***** population of this area is slightly lowered by the fact they are often arrested
To avoid ***** stay away from:
Western springs estate
Spar shops
Fair Oak School
Hagley Park school

For help with Antichav activities head to 60 old eaton road

An article by:
Zacharry Thomas Kevans AKA The antichav of rugeley

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