Richmond – North Yorkshire

North EastYorkshire

From its quiet exterior richmonds ‘best kept secret’ is unseemingly a lovely cobbled georgian market town with about as much charm as prince William.
What a shame…
Cutpurse estate and reeth road spawn sum of satans most ugly creations. now, i dont have a problem with the working class, not one bit I am not a snob at all and unfortunately still live here, but why the have to scream (h’way then ya fookin daft c**t) if you dare to allow your eyes to wander towards them when they are approaching you is beyond me.

northern c***s in my opinion are by far the worst. unbelievably aggressive and greasy and ugly, all often looking exactly the same (why you would want to look like steven gerrard is a tad beyond me) another annoying thing is there low powered cars that they think are 3 litres. i drive an escort 1.6 (standard) and that could blow the hell out of there novas and metros if i ever could be bothered to stoop to there level.
avoid the fleece like you would avoid death on a weekend. full of c**v bastards trying to pull a 40 year old slag (thanks to squaddieville central catterick just down the rd theres plenty of old meat for them to try and get too) and ‘the cross’. there are many r-mond c**v legends who ask every single person for 40p for ‘the phone’ or as we call it, s***e cheap cider. also avoid richmonds parks at night, tucked in trackys and stripy fred perry jumpers galore, on there scouting mission for crack whore chavettes who will obilge redily to lower there trackies for a swig of there cider or a ‘fuckin ciggy’, usually lambert and butler. to be fair during the week richmnd isn’t too bad, but weekends are a chavathon, especially with ‘the river bank’ hot weather brings in the novas, football shirted tattoed w*****s with the cider to litter f**k out of the place. for such a picturesque place, its unbelievable. are no places safe from this national phenomenon? are they f**k!

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