Redhill- *Deadhill*

South EastSurrey

Rite well, wat can i say.. if u aint heard of “deaders” or “Deadhill” before then.. ya lucky..!!
C**v Central.. its got all the Bling!! massive gold ear-rings wiv TACKY girls names in em .. like “chantell” n “britney” its got the gold medalions.. those scummy nasty DUSTBIN LID rings.. wat ever u call em..?… too much burberry, Von Fookin Dutch, n scummy lookin coke heads in there shitty rolled up tracksuits.. spliffs in all..

its like they all hang around out side favorite chicken on a nite.. thinkin they is s**t hot.. tryin to b black.. ER Yea Rite..
pullin up in there vauxhall nova.. shitty music bangin out.. jus to go n buy chicken??
duno if u think *STREET TALK* is a chavvy shop but im gonna mention it anyway.. too much C**V clothes in it.. in fact.. C***s wud have a bloody field day in that shop!! they wudnt leave.. unless thats if they stole sopmmat n have to leg it.. but im surprised they can walk let alone run wiv all that chavvy p**y lookin gold round there neck!!!

now this is the place for single young mums, young as in 14+ wiv bout 3 kids runnin about!! jus think… a young Daniella Westbrook covered in burberry n von dutch!! pushin a double buggy!! shoutin her dodgy mouth off in all that p***y language.. I seriously dont get it.. ?? (yesh i get the language.. ) but its Y wud u wanna b a c**v?
its like the fairground that comes everyso often on the memorial park.. it brings so many c***s its untrue! they r takin over…
RUN FOR COVER>>> IN fact jus keep runnin…

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