Redhill- *Deadhill*

South EastSurrey

Rite well, wat can i say.. if u aint heard of “deaders” or “Deadhill” before then.. ya lucky..!!
Chav Central.. its got all the Bling!! massive gold ear-rings wiv TACKY girls names in em .. like “chantell” n “britney” its got the gold medalions.. those scummy nasty DUSTBIN LID rings.. wat ever u call em..?… too much burberry, Von Fookin Dutch, n scummy lookin coke heads in there shitty rolled up tracksuits.. spliffs in all..

its like they all hang around out side favorite chicken on a nite.. thinkin they is s**t hot.. tryin to b black.. ER Yea Rite..
pullin up in there vauxhall nova.. shitty music bangin out.. jus to go n buy chicken??
duno if u think *STREET TALK* is a chavvy shop but im gonna mention it anyway.. too much CHAV clothes in it.. in fact.. Chavs wud have a bloody field day in that shop!! they wudnt leave.. unless thats if they stole sopmmat n have to leg it.. but im surprised they can walk let alone run wiv all that chavvy piky lookin gold round there neck!!!

now this is the place for single young mums, young as in 14+ wiv bout 3 kids runnin about!! jus think… a young Daniella Westbrook covered in burberry n von dutch!! pushin a double buggy!! shoutin her dodgy mouth off in all that p***y language.. I seriously dont get it.. ?? (yesh i get the language.. ) but its Y wud u wanna b a chav?
its like the fairground that comes everyso often on the memorial park.. it brings so many chavs its untrue! they r takin over…
RUN FOR COVER>>> IN fact jus keep runnin…