West MidlandsWorcestershire

It is badly maintained, scruffy, delapidated, graffiti
scribbled, and has no less than 3 Mc Donalds (one now closed and derelict).

It has a soulless indoor shopping mall which is lined with nike, adidas, just do it, FCUK wearing trollops and lard arses.

It has 2 ‘pound shops’.

It has a war memorial which has a ‘no alcohol in this area’ sign on an adjacent wall. It is of course, the place the ***** congregate to pose and survey the mean streets around them, and swig from their tins of Kestrel Super Strength.

It has the worst **** fashion shop I have ever seen. You can buy just about EVERY variation of the tasteless and gross FCUK shirts, and retro seventies slimy type shirts.

It has no cinema and no bookshop, but a horrendous number of ‘SKY football shown here – Carling cheap’ dives.

It has the highest concentration of no hopers and their no hoper spawn I have ever seen. It has an amazing low wage low skill local economy.

The **** cap is de rigeur everywhere.

It has a skateboard shop next door to a ‘mixing/DJ
equipment’ shop both of which are housed in a foul
looking shack squatting next to an piddle pooled
underpass. This is where junior ***** learn their craft, and throw shapes in the doorway.

Ladies and Gentlemen – I give you a carbon copy of soooo many chavtowns throughout this soulless nation.

I give you Redditch.

Please wipe your feet on the way out.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2021