Quinton Birmingham

Quinton, what a fantastic town, if you could actually call it that,in between Harborne and Woodgate Valley, imagine a place with more highrise flats than Castle Brom and young crackheads hangin out on every corner (there hard yer know) gangs fromage 5-25 wearning joggers with one sock rolled over the leg, baseball caps worn to the side lacoste jackets and a limp that they should really see someone about, trying to carry on the once famous quinton mob. Quinton is a oretty small area but it holds the entire chain of coop supermarkets, go to any coop in Quinton and you’ll find groups of younger ***** beggin you to go in and buy them a big bottle of white lightening to take down to tennal park or queens park and get pi33ed, and thats just 12.00 in the afternoon, go out later at night and you’ll find the older ***** lurking around the coop cashpoint machines waiting to rob somebody, pop over to one of the nice friendly local pub the punch bowl or the monarch and you’ll find large groups of ***** ******* outside on the benches and chairs (they wont actually let them in the pubs and both pubs have been closed down more times than ive had hot dinners) the monarch has now been renamed Quinton memebersclub, they might give it a posh name but the bloodstains are still on the walls outside!!

A favourite hangout for younger ***** is the local schools, hillcrest (otherwise known as brothyl on a hill) is a great place to meet underage or jailbait ***** with there bittle green skirts rolled up or four dwellings school where the kids bring knives to school, four dwellings is pretty famous as it was recently on the news when a group of single moms had a big fight with teachers and the police over a mobile phone.

Come down to the lovely famous white flats and in the summer you’ll find gangs of lads sunbathing on the dogsshit grass,puny chests on show t-shirts tcuked into there jogging bottoms, music blastin out of there ****** little so called kitted up ford escorts and vauxhall novas, eyeing up the local talent, ussually a slightly overweight single mom 4 klidswith different dads and a spliff in hand or a skinny smack head bird who’ll give you a ******** for a 50p, it all count towards a £5 bag of smack.

How grim is your Postcode?

thats just the posh end of Quinton head down Rilstone Road, actually dont cos you’ll probably get knocked out by the stink of piss.

You can get to Quinton on the locals 103 bus which all the ***** use, you can ussually tell when the ***** are on the bus cos you either cant get passed with a million pushchairs and screaming kids littering up the aisle and you can smell the aroma of fresh weed as you make your way upstairs,

OH hell one day ill get out of this god forsaken place!

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