Plymouth (Plymuff)

DevonSouth West

Yes, Plymouth has been talked about before and yes, most of it is true. ***** are crawling all over the town and making life pretty piss poor for decent people.

My story is as follows. A good friend of mine worked at one of the two crematoria located in this fine city. On this day he excitedly called me and told me to get down there as one of the kingpin ***** had shuffled this mortal coil and the cortege was on its way. I managed to get there just before the cortege arrived. I didn’t know why he wanted me there but he had this stupid grin on his face. So the cortege arrives and whats in the back of the hearse? A burberry patterned coffin closely followed by six pall bearers in full burberry suits and baseball caps to match! Classy!

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