Recently, the goths who for abour 17 years, had occupied the area known as the sundial, were despursed from that area due to the new civic police, who said that they scared old women, SO with this new territory available, the ***** siesed it for themselves, now, no-one can walk by the area without being glared at by some pale, burberry laden ****** knife carrying child, usually around 14 years of age, and holding cigarettes in their hands, and perhaps their other hand down their trousers for some unknown reason.

anyway, this huge migration of ***** from the area known as ‘swilly’ or ‘north prospect’ to the sundial area was more than anyone had thought, every saturday around 100 of these hooded cowards are found in the area, so they decided to try and take more land, the grass banks outside virgin megastores, which the goths and emo’s had settled down in, a pleasant, shaded area where one could chat with a friend or challenge to a poi contest. When the ***** came to confront the goths and emo’s, the goths, who at the time was a large number of girls and couples, (possibly a strategic move by the ***** to ensure that they might have at least a fighting chance) the ***** proceded to engage the goths in a fight, it was about 20 on 1 ***** v goths) until the rest of the goths helped him out and the ***** were beaten badly. They still claim to have won the fight, stating to anyone that they dont like, that ‘er, ill get ma bayz from estover on ya, theyd **** you’ failing to realise that once this is said, a punch is landed on the jaw.

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