orpington kent (the one and only)

this really is one of the most depressing ********* on earth.
mums with buggys , hoopy gold earrings and pastel coloured towelling market tracksuits with snotty nosed “**** to be” brats with little fake burberry hats.
there is a varied selection of ***** ******** pubs to choose from in the high street where you can go if you fancy getting slashed , bashed or perhaps catch some nasty airbourne diease off of one of the local gold clllaaaaaan wearing trollops.
incidently I have witnessed the largest gold claaaan ever in this very town upon entering the new world noodle house there was a colourful looking lady exiting with the ****** fattest most disgusting looking mess of a big fat gold clown I have ever had the displeasure to witness it was as big as my fist and truly a phenomenon to behold.
what do these people think they are doing displaying such putrid symbols of chavism so proudly ???
of course in orpington there are the normal associated shrines of charver including mcdees , kfc , primark and of course paaaandland !!
this town is indeed a fine spirit crushing mix of depressed and scared looking old people clutching plastic bags and trolleys and the filthy charvs.
proceed directly along orpington to the monument and head along that road and you will end up in the delightful little village of green street green go there for a quiet suday beer and a jolly drink…..WITH ALL THE ******* ****** LITTLE ***** talking about drum and bass and how many kilos of gear they have sold !!
of course there is the afformentioned star lane in orpington the largest permanent community of real ****** the place should be nuked !

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