Nottingham: A Jaded Residents Honest Opinion…

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**** Nottingham it’s ****.

Come on people, is anyone seriously gonna defend Notts? I’ve lived there all my life and I don’t think I’ve ever been into town, day or night, without seeing someone being attacked or harassed, or some dregs of society having it out in the street. At night, I have to look over my shoulder to make sure I’m not gonna get jumped by:

1) Drunks looking to feel better about themselves
2) Gangs who want the meagre few quid in my pocket and my busted, ****** phone
3) Crazy people who just like attacking strangers

just because I choose to dress like a punk. The police are ******* useless, voted the worst in the country at least once. Everyone just goes barmy at the weekend cos they know the coppers will do nothing about it. I’ve been attacked on 3 separate occasions, once in broad daylight, most likely for the way I CHOOSE to dress which in any city is BULLSHIT.

Even then, Notts is so full of ****** lunatics that even in the middle of the day, without the presence of any booze or drugs or punk clothes you have a good chance of getting into trouble. My girlfriend got followed through town on a Wednesday morning by some ******* smackhead with a dog. He claimed she owed him £80, then called her a ‘******* *****’ and said she was going to ‘get it’. I mean WHAT THE ****. Any city where this **** happens on a weekday morning is a dive.

The worst thing is that Notts has the capacity to be awesome. There are loads of great people there and so much creativity and uniqueness. The street performers are some of the best in the country. We have a huge music scene for all kinds of music, the biggest genres serviced being dubstep and ska at the moment I think. We’ve got the world famous Broadway Cinema, where the UK premier of Pulp Fiction was held. There’s loads to do (if you got the money) and lots of history **** to see. We’ve got Rock City, voted the UK’s best live alternative venue for years running. We’ve got loads of unique pubs, bars and cafes each with their own vibe. People from NYC have told me it feels very much like their home, albeit more depressing and on edge.

And there it is. Violent, prejudiced, stupid, ignorant, useless people **** it up for everyone. Basically, if you can’t fight or you don’t feel comfortable carrying a knife or a gun don’t come. chances are it’ll all go wrong. You have to try hard not to get into a fight or get into trouble, the police will ALWAYS bother the people who are just trying to have a good night and IGNORE the people who are out to cause others harm and you are guaranteed to see at least one guy who thinks he’s ******* Bruce Lee on steroids trying to attack people.

It’s s ********, but not because of the city. Because of the people. A few arseholes and kids who think it’s cool to stab people and mug people ruin our great city for the rest of us folk who just want to be ourselves and get the **** on with life. It won’t change, because regular people won’t do anything about it (and they shouldn’t ******* have to) and the government are so distant and awful they will never solve it. So we have to live in it. and it’s ****.

oh, and anyone commenting on here saying something to the effect of:

oi mn nottz iz ***** well gd u wankr i luv it hear itz lodz ov fun! if u dnt lik it then *** off! i bet ure a fat rich pussyole hu livz in sum posh howse n ****, wht da *** do u noe bout my city man!? itz well gud in twn at da weekendz yeh ok so we gt into fitez and mayb likeee hurt sum peeple but so wot they shud be harder init! so *** off and die or mayb eat all our **** coz u suk ok.

Then you’re part of the problem I’m afraid. And those who’ll say ‘well, the way you dress invites trouble mate. maybe you should wear what everyone else does’ I SHOULDN’T ******* HAVE TO. I don’t care how anyone else dresses, why the hell should they care how I dress?

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