newport south wales

please take time to read the following statement. thank you

well, im quite angry with the ***** around at the moment. the hoodie loving fake gold bumming skunk smoking knobs that are dragging Newport downhill rapidly. ***** (council house and violent for anybody who doesnt know) naturally hate “sweaties” or “moshers” , such as dog naturally hates cat. We seem to be gaining more and more ***** as the years go on, **** parents raising **** kids drowning in the amount of fake gold and fake “cabrini” or “nike” clothes, from the inshops or market. So far in year 11 i have been shown 6 chunks of Ganja follwed by ” you buying mate?” well “mate” for a start no and second im not your ******* mate. They like to go on the redgra or the roof to smoke these drugs, but as the redgra is currently out of service the roof is packed with them at break and lunch times oh and lesson times. They feel it is acceptable to come to a lesson 20 minutes late absolutly STINKING of the cigerette or spliff they have been smoking 5 minutes earlier and come up with a **** excuse for thier lateness. The following is a real excuse used by someone, no names “i went to get my passport miss”. Then there is the volcabulary. “Come yer” come “yer” this particular word is said how it is spelt, here. i will include some common mistakes by *****.free= three fort = thought wa= what bu’un= button these are just some of the discraceful mistakes i hear around school. Now if you are wondering why perhaps i dont talk to you on msn, maybe it is because “U rite lyke diz n u mke suree nuffink iz splld rite n loks lyk it woz dun oN a fNe” if you write like this then i will not give you the dignity of a response.PLACES TO FIND *****:

well, obviously mcdonalds sat by the “drive-thru” in the hoods and on thier ****** bmx’s that normal people got rid of when they were 10 and realised they couldnt do “stunts on them”. The bus station, i suggest you do NOT go through this place alone day or night if you value life. As soon as you enter the place there is the strong smell of spliffs. i have witnessed a mugging, dealing of drugs, vandalism etc in this “building”.John Frost Square. this is where you will see the 14 year old mothers of three, because new look is there and shoe express is close, also the clock to keep themselves and thier children entertained on the hour every hour, for free. kingsway. inside the inshops buying a genuine “snike” jacket for £1.50 or a nice pair of “lacroste” shoes. i have once been offered ecstacy in there. or outside/inside argos and gilesports.any council estate in newport. bettws and broadmead park particulaly. if you are in broadmead in a council/ white transit van and manage to get out alive you are an extremely lucky person as i discovered while on work expreience.WAYS TO IDENTIFY A ****.1. rediculously large earrings.2. 5 or more “gold” chains at least 2 of which sporting a large ragdoll pendant or a clown.3. obviosly the hoodie.4. trousers tucked into socks constantly.
5. hands constantly down the trousers of said ****
6.a cigerette behind the ear
7. a cigerette in the mouth8. a cigerette in the hand 8. a spliff in any of the above places.
10. baseball cap 11. poundland bags in thier hands.
<12.they carry a knife everywhere
burberry, enough said 14.they are recieving fathers/mothers day cards before thier 13th birthday 15. walk with a constant limp 16. they ask you for 20p for the bus 17 they are drunk at 8:30 in the morning. 18. you make a fake spliff for a laugh and they tell you you have done it wrong 19. they insist 50 cent is “the man20. they have all this colour name ***** on msn. 21. they have conversations on their names signing in and out continously. eg . “OMFG!!! no i nevaa :O wa u on bout chant/cristal/chardonnay”. 22. they can make a weapon out of almost anything, eg. paperclip, shoelace. around about it let me know if i have missed anything. thanks for your time kids. bye!.

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