New Ash Green – A COMPLETE DIVE!!

Anyone thinking about moving to New Ash Green – DON’T!! Unless you want your kids ending up on the dole snortin coke for a living. I have lived here in NAG my entire life and cant wait to get out. Evry single one of my mates from skool has ended up a little cokehead and i have givn up on them. Let them snort themselves into oblivion. If you want to ge into this i suggest u go the badger pub – that seems to be the place that most drug dealers hang around – the landlords seem to look the other way. The thing is theres nothing to do for us except hang about and cause trouble. in my day it was throwing water balloons and a bit of graffitti but now these kids will stab you if u look at them the wrong way – on new years eve 2006 there was a stabbing in the shopping centre. Yet we aint got a police office – theres just sum mugs called community support oficers or sumfink that rpetend there doing good but really theres no point. i cant wait to move out of this hellhole. it used to be a nice place to live but the ****** ***** and ***** are making it unliveable.

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